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i rely like the book i give it 5 ++
very much in two it ..

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I listened to the book on a recommendation from a friend. I was frustrated with it. It is understandable the fear and 'horror' it tried to create. It was a pre-electronic age and they really didn't understand that anything that hits the internet, as long as the power does not go out, is very hard to make go away. It reminded me of an abused child. The world is small and abusive and you do what you are told to do. I didn't like Winston. He was.... a coward. Not willing to die for what he believed in and at the same time, willing to go into pain for it? It made no sense to me. When he stated what he was willing to do, without thought, it made me angry with him. He is willing without knowing even what he is fighting for, to throw acid in a child's face? To kill whoever they told him to? No questions asked? That is the reason he is where he is and doing what he does. He is the basic evil. He does not even love the woman. He is just happy that someone pays attention to him and helps him out of his little world for a minute. They try to make this out as a book that give us a future that is "horror" but all it shows to me it that if there are Winstons around, evil will win. Karma got him. 

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I am reading this book for the first time. I am 24 years old and amazed at the precision of George Orwell's perspective on modern day.
Will check back in as soon as this one is finished.

Review: 1984

User Review  - Kathy Davidson - Goodreads

I thought the imagery was amazing. Orwell character description or lack thereof added to the illusion of dehumanization. Orwell also uses color to show government agreement or not. This book has left ... Read full review

Review: 1984

User Review  - Yomi Elu - Goodreads

HOLY SHIT!!! THIS BOOK IS AWESOME!!! It's just scary to think if any government or the world evolves into that which is in 1984. Even through some parts of the book are already established in the ... Read full review

Review: 1984

User Review  - Antonnie - Goodreads

One day a couple colleagues of mine was talking about this book and asked me if I read it. I was embarrassed to tell them I never even heard of it, so much as read it. So after they finished ... Read full review

Review: 1984

User Review  - Jackie Payne - Goodreads

1984, by George Orwell, was a well written novel about a dystopian future society that is completely controlled by the government. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Winston Smith is a simple man, just going ... Read full review

Review: 1984

User Review  - Jason Simpson - Goodreads

A mature reader will understand this more than someone who has a difficult time seeing the forces at work in society to control others. People today will seize the one-liners from this novel and try ... Read full review

Review: 1984

User Review  - Jordan Smith - Goodreads

A seminal classic. Where to began? Many good things have been said about this book, which deserves much praise. I'll say a few things. First, you hear people say what we live in is what Orwell most ... Read full review

Review: 1984

User Review  - Kevin Pham - Goodreads

1984 4-Way Thinking Book Report George Orwell's coveted novel 1984 follows the story of protagonist Winston Smith who is living in the future year of 1984. (The book was written in 1949). In this ... Read full review

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